Jewelry designer
“Empowering women is my way of bringing light to the world”


With an inspirational background coming from her travels around the world, and thanks to her European sense of style, Sophie offers the quintessential of high-end handmade jewelry design.

Her heart belongs to nowhere, her free spirit is all about one word: Giving.

“Forever my vision was to heal with stones. At a very young age, I could understand the power of stones, and the goodie does to people. But today, as a woman, I believe jewels have an impact on our daily feelings and strength. Everyday is a new opportunity to spark and shine! That’s why I took my designs to a place where feminity is queen”,  Sophie says.

The day her 5 years old daughter Shani asked her mum a little help to create a necklace, Sophie felt it was the time to let her talent shows up! From this particular day, her hands didn’t stop creating, shaping, tweaking and bringing the best out of materials she uses.

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